What I’m working on

So, what am I working on? As I mentioned, I have several writing projects in the works, are most of them in the very embryonic stage. So let me give you a quick preview of what I might get written one of these days.

Top of the list has to be my Credo project. I have wanted to write about my seminary experience (did I mention I used to be a seminarian?) ever since I walked out the door, more than five years ago. For most of that time I was simply not ready to dig into that body of experience, even though I thought that I wanted to. Then, just over a year ago, it finally started to flow. I dug into it with all my heart, and as the pages piled up, I gained greater understanding into myself and what I have gone through, both good and bad.
It was intended to be an essay, but it has kept growing, and growing, and when my writing friend read a draft, he told me I needed to stop calling it an essay, and start calling it a book. And so I have I have: I am now at work on a book-length memoir of, not just of my three-and-a-half years searching in vain for my calling to the priesthood, but of my personal journey as a young man of faith, from the child I was to the man I am still becoming. I am very excited, and look forward to sharing pieces of this ambitious project with you as it grows and unfolds.

That is the only idea that has really started to move so far. Other proposals include a fictional version of my seminary days (easier to include the more scandalous episodes under the veil of fiction!), either as a novel or, more likely, a collection of loosely connected shorts along the lines of the works of James Herriot’s veterinary stories. Several sketches have emerged, but nothing of any length or completeness yet.

I also want to get back in the essay business. My most recent attempt (Credo) got out of hand, but I really want to be an essayist, and I still believe that I can be. I throw a lot of ideas around, both serious and light, but nothing has gotten off the ground for a long time.

Well, there is a brief tour of the prose mines in which I dig, and I hope that one or more of these will soon produce a rich vein of material for me, the writer, and so for you, the reader. I can’t wait to share what comes next!

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