90 in 90, or, A Thing a Day

Well hey, it occurs to me that it might behoove me to offer some word of explanation to why I am suddenly (for a week already) implausibly quotidian, and also why my posts are all, with equal suddenness, little bits of random fiction.

For this, I fear we must blame Michele of Voix de Michèle. A perennial source of inspiration and awe in the blogosphere, she announced last week that, fired up by a revisit to Julia Cameron Land, she was going to write — and post — a tiny little piece of fiction every single day for the next ninety days. And (this is where we come in) she invited other writer-types to join her on this bit of a quest. A handful of us have — you can check out the links to everyone else down in the footer section of this page — and the journey has begun.

(This does not represent a permanent shift in the character of this blog, or of my writing — although both of those things will certainly continue to evolve as I grow as a writer, and the addition of fiction is certainly not outside the realm of possibility. It has never been my strength, which was one reason why I was eager to embrace this challenge, in hopes that that might yet change. So I certainly expect, or at least hope, that my more accustomed essayist voice will not be entirely absent from these pages over the summer.)

So I am dashing off little (minimum 100 words) stories every day, trying for the fiction version of a tiny yet vividly detailed canvas, but happy if I can just spin an engaging yarn or paint a believable character. So join me, join us, and follow along to see what stories shall be told.

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