Lonely (Day 39)

If he had seen it coming, would it have been any easier to handle? Probably not. The part that hurt the most was the feeling of betrayal. Which was odd, because she hadn’t exactly betrayed him; she had broken up with him. It was just that he had trusted her so completely, and it had never occurred to him that she might not trust him to the same extent.

He could see her point, of course, about how most boys would react to such a revelation: that she wanted to pursue a relationship with someone else in her close circle of friends. But he had really thought that he was not most boys, that he was someone special in her life, and that at the very least that would have merited an open, frank admission of this change of course. Arrogance, perhaps, or naïveté, or a little of both. Either way, he had set himself up to get hurt, and Fate does not like to pass up such opportunities.

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