One More (Day 40)

One more drink.

I’ll just have one more, and then head home. I know I should have gone straight home after work, but I just needed to unwind a little. It has been such hell around the office these days, what with the big Athens project getting close to the live date, and all the bosses are frantic to make the date, since all their bonuses are riding on this launch. So yeah , I stopped for a drink on the way home, that is surely understandable.

Of course, I guess I have stayed a bit longer than I planned. What time is it? No, it can’t be seven already! I think, what was it, oh yeah, supper: Annie probably has supper ready by now, she always has it on the table at six, so that must mean – oh, I must be late. I really should go.

Oh, but here is Clem with another Manhattan. As soon as I finish this one, then I will rush home, for sure. Was there something else tonight? This wasn’t Mindy’s piano recital tonight, was it? I don’t think so. Oh, maybe, that sounds sickeningly familiar. I better hurry home before they notice I’m late. I’m sure they won’t mind.

Well, maybe just one more quick one first.

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