Specialized (Day 54)

Samuel just wanted to do this one thing. He wanted to do it really well, wanted to be the best in the colony, maybe even the best on the whole moon. He didn’t want to care about the irrigation ditches, or the wind turbines, or the fruit-drying racks, or the herds. He just wanted to make tools, the metal tools that were used in all the fields. If he could just spend enough time refining his craft, he knew that his tools would be superior to any the others could forge. It was not that he wanted to shirk the other duties that typically fell to each in rotation. He just knew that, if he could do this thing, the whole settlement could benefit.

With far more than a nod to Jill Paton Walsh’s book Toolmaker, which I loved as a child and search for now in every used book shop I visit.

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