The Next Day (Day 29)

to do today:

☐ shower
☐ strip sheets from bed and put in washer
☐ check under bed for stray undergarments (also, behind the dresser & amongst the curtains)
☐ better check the living room, too
☐ call Maureen to make sure her flight is still on time
☐ vacuum whole house — keep eye out for any long red hairs
☐ put clean sheets in dryer
☐ wash, dry, and put away wine glasses
☐ remake bed
☐ check shirts, etc. for lipstick and such
☐ relax — breathe
☐ clean up caller ID on home and cell phones
☐ take out trash
☐ go through whole house one more time
☐ pick up Maureen at airport
☐ shred this list

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