Air Bake (Day 66)

I start hard, pedaling strong, moving into top gear within a block. The breeze is at my back, and I am flying along this new stretch of road. The heat on my bare shoulders is immediate, like something has been heated and then pressed directly and evenly onto my skin.

Too hot, I think. I should have just stayed in my office and rolled up a new centaur druid character. I mean, how much cardio do I really need in one day? Especially when the heat index is 101°F, and the humidity is up around 60%. I guess that must be the crazy again.

As I breathe in the air off the new pavement makes my lungs feel as if they are about to crumple and melt like a plastic bag left in the oven. This is not a sensation I find invigorating. I can’t even really say it is pleasant. I should have brought some water along.

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