Working Late (Day 61)

“Are you still here, or did you come back?”

Walt looked up at me from his desk. “Oh, I had to come back. I was going to run some month-end reports from home this evening, but I guess our connection is down for an indefinite period of time, so that was a no-go.”

“Aw, man, that sucks.”

Walt shrugged. “It’s hardly the first time. If I don’t get these done tonight, the only other option is someone running them before 5 a.m. tomorrow, and who wants to get stuck doing that? I sure don’t want Rachel to have to get in that early to do it.”

“Yeah, I suppose she does plenty as it is, especially considering the health stuff she puts up with. Man, seriously, she is such a trooper. If I had half the problems that gal has, I don’t think I would even get out of bed in the morning.” I picked up my backpack. “Well, don’t stay too late, man. I’d stay and help, but I gotta run.”

Walt waved a hand at me. “Hey, no problem, I’ve got this.” He hunkered down over his keyboard, typing and clicking, the pale electric glow of the monitor washing out the shadows on his face. Dang, that man needs to go home more.

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