Hollering ‘Nuff

Well, enough, I say. I won’t drag this out any longer. I am going to desist from my endeavor to write ninety pieces of ‘short short’ fiction.

I made it to seventy-nine, which considering all there is to consider has been no small feat. But as I immerse myself in my academic endeavors, and other projects swirl about me, I realize that, despite my earnest intentions, I am not going to complete this particular undertaking. And so I throw in the towel, with shame, and with little regret. I am much gratified to Voix de Michèle for suggesting this creative marathon, and I am quite pleased with good dozen or so of the stories I churned out over the course of the summer. It is, like lutefisk, something I would try again.

But now, on to other things, many of which will I hope take written form and appear here in fairly short order. My writing life must move forward, and the words must flow!

2 thoughts on “Hollering ‘Nuff

  1. I imagine you saying the last line like the spacing guild member from Dune – the words must flow….

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