Pondering new directions for writing

I am writ­ing again. I can’t express how excit­ed I am about this. These entries are not as reg­u­lar as I would like, but that will change. Nor are they as in depth and dis­cur­sive as I could wish, but there are lim­i­ta­tions of the for­mat to bear in mind there, and per­haps I should not dream too big just yet, since I am still get­ting my legs back under me, writ­ing-wise, and I am so hap­py for that.

What do I want from myself as a writer? Do I want anoth­er round of The Float­ing Egg? Is that still a viable form for me to be work­ing toward? Or is it time to real­ly stretch this time, to look beyond what has worked in the past, and try some­thing new, per­haps even bold? Yes, to both.

The Egg is part of me, a vital step in my jour­ney as a cre­ative writer, and I want to keep it float­ing as long as I can. Which is not to say I don’t feel free to evolve the hell out of it. In fact, I see this forum, as it takes shape, become inte­gral, even cen­tral, to the renewed incar­na­tion of my lit­tle jour­nal. This is where the me, the writer, flings him­self most direct­ly at his per­ceived read­er­ship, always the live­ly ker­nel at the cen­ter of what made the Egg tick.

But it can­not stop here. I can no longer con­tent myself with self-cen­tered prat­tle and call it my favored form. I need to actu­al­ly com­mit myself to pro­duc­ing work of length and (more impor­tant­ly) of sub­stance. I have projects in the (very) ear­ly stages of devel­op­ment, but they give me cause for hope, as does this blog. Small steps, and as I prac­tice more and more, big­ger and big­ger steps will be practicable. 

Next time, a look at some of my embry­on­ic writ­ing projects.

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