Coming Soon… Albumen!

Because what are egg yolks with­out some white?

Debuts April 2006.


  1. Umm­mm.… What? You’re not white enough? I don’t get it.

    {snick­ers behind hand}

  2. Wow, thanks for the vocab les­son. Next time I’m at Den­ny’s I will order an albu­men omelet.

    I’ve nev­er been to Denny’s.

  3. Oh, I think it would be dif­fi­cult for me to be any more white than I already am. I am “maxed out” on that front.

    Twas meant to be a fanfare…

  4. Oh — right! Now that you men­tion it, I can hear the horns now! Dun dut dut dunnnnnn! (Just like the Parkay com­mer­cial, huh?)

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