A bit of exposure (which is a good thing)

Well, I am long over­due in doing this, but I just want­ed to draw every­one’s atten­tion to the fact that I was priv­i­leged to have a few words of mine pub­lished on the blog of Michèle, she who may well be the queen of the blog­gers — cer­tain­ly in my book at the least. In mid-August she asked for sub­mis­sions on the sub­ject of avoid­ance in the cre­ative process, and mine was among those she chose to shine a lit­tle spot­light on.

I am very pleased, flat­tered and even hum­bled — but most­ly pleased. So mer­ci beau­coup to you, Mlle. Michèle — keep up the great blog­ging and best of luck with your project. And to you oth­er read­ers: don’t miss out on her fan­tas­tic blog!

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