Here’s blogging at you, kid!

What is so unusu­al about this lat­est drought here on the blogs is that I have been writ­ing, actu­al­ly writ­ing, at a fair­ly steady pace this entire time. My Mole­sk­ine is almost filled with earnest (and often coher­ent) prose from my pen as I cov­er page after ruled page on my new hour-long lunch breaks.

The weak link in this, of course, is that my Mole­sk­ine and Mont Blanc are not actu­al­ly con­nect­ed to Blog­ger. The more pages I fill with prose, it seems that there is less time for me to type up that same prose and get it post­ed so that some­one can read it; some­one who is not me, some­one who is you.

So it is not for lack of thoughts or mate­r­i­al that this blog­ger appears silent of late. He is sim­ply too busy writ­ing to blog. Soon to be remedied…

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