My favorite things

In no par­tic­u­lar order:

col­or: green, almost any shade, but espe­cial­ly deep dark hunter green.
food: lefse — a Nor­we­gian del­i­ca­cy, a sort of pota­to-based tor­tilla, served with but­ter and (brown) sugar
sound: pump-action shot­gun: a col­or-cod­ed plas­tic cylin­der full of close-packed lead slam­ming into the cham­ber, ready for almost any­thing. Who wants to hit the streets?
book: The Lord of the Rings (like you real­ly had to ask). Fif­teen reads and counting.
song: “Glo­ry Box” by Portishead
word: mellifluous
movie: Sev­en
tech­ni­cal term: palimpsest
posi­tion: First base in slow-pitch soft­ball; by the end of high school I was near­ly dom­i­nant there (in my own mind, at least). Oh wait, you did­n’t mean…? You did? Now, that’s just dirty.
book not writ­ten by, or hav­ing any­thing to do with, J.R.R. Tolkien: The Spar­row by Mary Doria Russell.
ses­sion beer: right now, Cale­don­ian Brew­ing’s 80/- (that’s pro­nounced “eighty-shilling” in case you were curious).
“seri­ous” beer: Trois Pis­toles from Que­bec’s Unibroue.
mixed drink: Man­hat­tan, made with Mak­er’s Mark, served up.
beer-dessert com­bi­na­tion: a pint of Bod­ding­ton’s and an all-but­ter choco­late chip cook­ie from Lund’s.
band/musical act: Nine Inch Nails.
scar: on the out­side of my right calf, where I caught myself on a jagged rusty pipe while doing chores wear­ing shorts, back in my teens. I have bare­ly worn shorts since, not because I want to hide the scar — it’s a pret­ty good one! — but as an exces­sive pre­cau­tion against sim­i­lar incidents.
hair­style: none at all. I feel like like a balls-out hard-as-nails bad-ass with my head shaved, which is a very unfa­mil­iar and exhil­a­rat­ing feel­ing for me, I assure you.
sea­son: Fall, or pos­si­bly autumn.

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