Admission: The next two weeks are going to be story-free

I had hoped (against all rea­son) that I could some­how keep up with the final fort­night of my fic­tion marathon even while pack­ing up our pos­ses­sions and wind­ing up my sum­mer cir­cum­stances. Today’s dose of truth: it’s not gonna happen. 

So, rather than kid myself and try to squeeze in some mas­sive catch-up fic­tion flood, I am just going to fol­low the always-excel­lent exam­ple of Michèle and for­mal­ly hit the pause but­ton on this until I hit the ground north of the border.I expect you will be see­ing the next sto­ry around the 4th of Sep­tem­ber, give or take. In the mean­time, keep read­ing, here and else­where, and please check back soon!

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