Justin Bieber

Okay, I give up: who is Justin Bieber? More press­ing­ly, what is Justin Bieber?

I have the sense that he may be involved in some sort of pub­lic per­for­ma­tive arts: is this true? And if so, of what sort? What are his influ­ences, his styl­is­tic hall­marks, his unique con­tri­bu­tions to genre history?

Or, you, whatever.


  1. My impres­sion is that JB is a very young singer who has cap­tured the imag­i­na­tion of pop­u­lar cul­ture. He has a nice, if com­mon kind of singing voice, and he wears his hair in a style that reminds me of how men comb their hair up from the back of their head so as to hide a bald spot. I think what peo­ple like about this boy is that he appears to be quite gen­uine­ly nice.

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