Hearing Things



Did you say something?”

No. You said ‘What?’ – I didn’t say anything.”

I thought you said something.”

Well, I didn’t.”

But you were think­ing it.”

Think­ing what?”

Some­thing; I must have heard you think­ing it.”

I wasn’t thi— What?”


You can’t hear me think­ing something!”

So you were think­ing it?”


So you were think­ing something.”

No! I mean, I was prob­a­bly think­ing some­thing, but noth­ing you could have heard! What is wrong with you?”

What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong with me. I’m just try­ing to have a con­ver­sa­tion here.”

But you—”

You’re the one who’s got­ten all hos­tile and con­fronta­tion­al about noth­ing. I just asked a ques­tion, and you get all ugly and nasty about it.”

Fine, what­ev­er.”

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