One More

One more drink.

I’ll just have one more, and then head home. I know I should have gone straight home after work, but I just need­ed to unwind a lit­tle. It has been such hell around the office these days, what with the big Athens project get­ting close to the live date, and all the boss­es are fran­tic to make the dead­line, since all their bonus­es are rid­ing on this launch. So yeah , I stopped for a drink on the way home, that is sure­ly understandable.

Of course, I guess I have stayed a bit longer than I planned. What time is it? No, it can’t be sev­en already! I think, what was it, oh yeah, sup­per: Annie prob­a­bly has sup­per ready by now, she always has it on the table at six, so that must mean – oh, I must be late. I real­ly should go.

Oh, but here is Clem with anoth­er Man­hat­tan. As soon as I fin­ish this one, then I will rush home, for sure. Was there some­thing else tonight? This wasn’t Mindy’s piano recital tonight, was it? I don’t think so. Oh, maybe, that sounds sick­en­ing­ly famil­iar. I bet­ter hur­ry home before they notice I’m late. I’m sure they won’t mind.

Well, maybe just one more quick one first.

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