You had nev­er intend­ed this to be the way things would go, of course. Well, at first, admit­ted­ly, you hadn’t been sure how you want­ed this all to work out, not exact­ly. You prob­a­bly expect­ed that it might not work out at all, not for you in this city, or at this school, or between you and me. But then as things start­ed to hap­pen, you start­ed to actu­al­ly live the expe­ri­ence, well, things changed, and so did your expec­ta­tions. And if you’ve learned one thing the hard way, it is this: you can’t have dis­ap­point­ment with­out expec­ta­tions. So, despite how every­thing has seem­ing­ly fall­en apart at the prover­bial seams, at least you can pack along that bit of for­tune cook­ie wisdom.

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