I have been walking to work these last three weeks, and it has been an interesting experience. Two winters ago I had to walk to work during a six-week strike by the bus drivers. That was an ordeal: it was the depth of a Minnesota winter, and I am not well-crafted enough for extended hiking. I endured a lot of cold and pain as I trudged my snowy way to and from the bookstore.

But now it is summer, and I feel, certainly not great, but at least better physically than I have done in some time. My lower back is beginning to plague me, and my knee twinges a bit (although that I have to blame on my ill-conceived attempt to make the trip by bicycle), but mostly I just walk along, get a bit warm, and say goodbye to portions of my waist that I was never particularly fond of to begin with. It is a system, I guess.

During my (nearly) daily walk I am becoming much more familiar with my neighbourhood as well. Perhaps it is part of maturing, being a parent, settling down and growing up, et cetera, but I find that I am spending a lot of time looking at houses. As in, “Oh, I like that porch” or “That house has really great landscaping in the front yard” and things like that, rolling through my head as I trudge along. I know we are not going to be able to buy a house in the terribly near future, but it is definitely something that we are both frequently thinking about. A home of our own would be a lovely thing. I just hope that I can do whatever is necessary — careerwise — to make that a reality someday soon.

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  1. I, too, look at lawns and porches and such. It is good to know that other people covet landscaping schemes and lawn furniture.

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