I wish I was more quotidian

It occurs to me that this blog­ging should real­ly be a much more quo­tid­i­an activ­i­ty. Not strict­ly so, of course: I don’t think the world is bet­tered by the expres­sion of dai­ly thoughts mere­ly because they are dai­ly, expressed with reg­u­lar­i­ty at the expense of clar­i­ty, rel­e­vance, or style. I don’t want to push myself to churn some­thing out every sin­gle day if the result is going to mere­ly be a reg­u­lar dose of pap. If I am going to write — and pub­lish — then it should be some­thing I am pleased to put my name after. And more impor­tant­ly, it should be some­thing that does­n’t waste the time of those who read these words.

So after a promis­ing start it has end­ed up being a lazy sum­mer for my fin­gers. Don’t give up on me; I have a lot to prove, to myself, my loved ones, and the world. More words will come, and I do not think they will be wast­ed. Per­haps they may even be worth the wait.

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