Still I live and still I write

Has it really been a month and a half since my last entry? And equally: is that all? It seems like an eternity has passed…

Yes, I am still alive. I have a new job (one is tempted to say new career, but that may be premature) that is progressing. There are exciting events afoot in this new world I work in; exciting in the sense that opportunities for advancement may come my way far sooner than I had dared to anticipate. This is pleasant news, of course, but it also more than a bit frightening. How soon will I be drawn into something over my head? Or will I rise swiftly and confidently to a position suited more to both my talents and my temperament, something wherein I find both challenge and reward, as well as the pecuniary compensation to provide for my family in a way I deem adequate? We shall see, perhaps very shortly.

More words are coming; I feel the pangs of their birth coming more and more frequently. Soon it will be time for their delivery, long over-due. I have a great many plans for pieces for this medium, as well as other projects large and small. (Did you know I am writing a book? Ask me how it is going; I am not yet sufficiently despondent on that front.) I hope, with a sincere hope largely free of desperation, to share many of these ideas, fully realised, with you in the coming weeks and months. (The book, of course, will be somewhat longer in coming, but progress is once again being made there, too, after far too long a hiatus.)

So there you have it: yet another in the long history of apologetic promises of future writings from the one they call Beaner. Will the predictions be true this time? Or is history inescapable? Wait and see!

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