Technical difficulties

To my bleary-eyed con­ster­na­tion, I dis­cov­ered the oth­er night that my archive links were all dead. I was hor­ri­fied: how will my dear read­ers go back and re-read their favourite bits if they can­not get to them?

Now, in the light of day, I fig­ured out the prob­lem. The past is acce­si­ble once again thanks to cor­rect file path nam­ing, or some­thing. My apolo­gies if this ordeal has caused any of you undue hard­ship (either through the inabil­i­ty to read stuff I post­ed last year or through hav­ing to read this inane post right now, when you could be doing some­thing so much more edi­fy­ing — like read­ing the much bet­ter posts to be found in my archive).

Blog on!

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