Worm sign

It rained for three whole days, and this morn­ing the worms were up.

As I walked to work, the side­walk was treach­er­ous with undu­lat­ing inver­te­brates. I had nev­er seen earth­worms like these; they were huge, lux­u­ri­ant, some near­ly a foot in length. They were so mas­sive­ly majes­tic that more than once I caught myself on the verge of bel­low­ing Shai-Hulud! in round, rev­er­ent tones.

Why do they do it? What is it about rain that makes these wrig­gling sub­ter­ranean bur­row­ers burst forth to jour­ney along the sur­face? What do they seek? Or do they even know?

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