I love words. This probably comes as no surprise, but I have taken delight in the scattered pieces of our language for as long as I can remember. Long were the hours that I whiled away paging through our two-volume World Book Dictionary in my youth, and my vocabularies (use and recognition) are unforgivably amplified by this exercise. The words just fit together for me; far more easily in writing than in speech, but that is perhaps not all bad, either.

I have long wanted to do something with words in their own right. And so I introduce a new (and of course irregular) series of offerings here at Albumen. I am feeling uncharacteristically disinclined to concoct a cheesy title, so I will simply offer from time to time (hopefully more or less frequently) A Word. I am not a linguist, nor a master of entomological nuance, so don’t expect gems of erudition. Nor will this be simply a venue to flaunt my vocabulary. These will simply be my (serious?) reflections on words I find interesting. We shall see what comes of it.

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