It’s the whole Egg now

At the risk of making this a far bigger deal out of this than is entirely justified, I announce that Albumen, the companion blog to Egg Yolks, will no longer be.

I still feel that eventually I will want the sort of setup I was going for with Albumen, perhaps even a full-scale return to The Floating Egg in some manner. But I am not ready for it yet, not currently capable of the output required to make such multiple channels of expression worthwhile.

So, for now at least, this is good-bye to my little Albumen. I am becoming less pretentious (thankfully) as my youth wanes, and I imagine that those of you who read these words I sporadically put forth will not be much bothered by the admixture of lengthy serious essays with short quips, idle musings, and the occasional etymological improvisation. Of course, I am still pretentious enough to re-post, with their respective original posting dates, the dozen or so pieces from Albumen over here, so as not to lose them for posterity. (I will have to write something someday soon about my long-standing — and somewhat fawning — devotion to posterity.)

So, this is still Egg Yolks; it will just have more light fluffy bits mixed in. As a writer I am not yet ready to make an egg-white omelette on the side (if that makes sense), so we will keep whatever words I can produce in (mostly) one place. It’s not like my prose is that plentiful as it is, so there is no sense my trying to spread it so thin. My words might not get so lonely if they have more company.

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