It’s the whole Egg now

At the risk of mak­ing this a far big­ger deal out of this than is entire­ly jus­ti­fied, I announce that Albu­men, the com­pan­ion blog to Egg Yolks, will no longer be.

I still feel that even­tu­al­ly I will want the sort of set­up I was going for with Albu­men, per­haps even a full-scale return to The Float­ing Egg in some man­ner. But I am not ready for it yet, not cur­rent­ly capa­ble of the out­put required to make such mul­ti­ple chan­nels of expres­sion worthwhile. 

So, for now at least, this is good-bye to my lit­tle Albu­men. I am becom­ing less pre­ten­tious (thank­ful­ly) as my youth wanes, and I imag­ine that those of you who read these words I spo­rad­i­cal­ly put forth will not be much both­ered by the admix­ture of lengthy seri­ous essays with short quips, idle mus­ings, and the occa­sion­al ety­mo­log­i­cal impro­vi­sa­tion. Of course, I am still pre­ten­tious enough to re-post, with their respec­tive orig­i­nal post­ing dates, the dozen or so pieces from Albu­men over here, so as not to lose them for pos­ter­i­ty. (I will have to write some­thing some­day soon about my long-stand­ing — and some­what fawn­ing — devo­tion to posterity.)

So, this is still Egg Yolks; it will just have more light fluffy bits mixed in. As a writer I am not yet ready to make an egg-white omelette on the side (if that makes sense), so we will keep what­ev­er words I can pro­duce in (most­ly) one place. It’s not like my prose is that plen­ti­ful as it is, so there is no sense my try­ing to spread it so thin. My words might not get so lone­ly if they have more company.

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  1. It does­n’t mat­ter where you put it as long as you are putting it. Or something.

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