Have to get it out of my head

What is it about the human mind that it is so prone to invol­un­tary fix­a­tion? I do not know that I am more sus­cep­ti­ble to this afflic­tion than my fel­low crea­tures, but as I am the hero of this par­tic­u­lar blog, it is — for bet­ter or worse — my expe­ri­ence that guides the nar­ra­tive here.

I get things stuck in my head a lot. (You may have noticed that this is a sort of theme we have going here.) Not just the lat­est bub­blegum pop songs, but words, quo­ta­tions, movie moments, frag­ments of past expe­ri­ence; all these things are can­di­dates for get­ting set to “Repeat” on my mind’s inter­nal play­er. I have long strug­gled against this afflic­tion, to vary­ing degrees of suc­cess. (More on that anoth­er day.) 

But recent­ly I have been attempt­ing to embrace it. It may be that I would rather rewire my inter­nal juke­box, but it seems to be turn­ing up some decent writ­ing prompts of late, and per­haps they are none the worse as start­ing points for not being what I would have (con­scious­ly) chosen.

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  1. Embrace your obses­sions. I’ve found that as soon as I write about some­thing stuck in my head, it goes away. I’ve got­ten some great mate­r­i­al that way.

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