Have to get it out of my head

What is it about the human mind that it is so prone to involuntary fixation? I do not know that I am more susceptible to this affliction than my fellow creatures, but as I am the hero of this particular blog, it is — for better or worse — my experience that guides the narrative here.

I get things stuck in my head a lot. (You may have noticed that this is a sort of theme we have going here.) Not just the latest bubblegum pop songs, but words, quotations, movie moments, fragments of past experience; all these things are candidates for getting set to “Repeat” on my mind’s internal player. I have long struggled against this affliction, to varying degrees of success. (More on that another day.)

But recently I have been attempting to embrace it. It may be that I would rather rewire my internal jukebox, but it seems to be turning up some decent writing prompts of late, and perhaps they are none the worse as starting points for not being what I would have (consciously) chosen.

One thought on “Have to get it out of my head

  1. Embrace your obsessions. I’ve found that as soon as I write about something stuck in my head, it goes away. I’ve gotten some great material that way.

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