The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation

Eagerness. That single word sums up this entire story for me, as well as the central challenge that it sparks in my soul every time I reflect upon this mystery.

Mary learns that her female relation Elizabeth is expecting a child, despite a lifetime of shameful “barrenness” for her and her husband. Mary is eager to share in the joy of this long-despaired-of event; she also wants to share her own joy with Elizabeth (she has news of her own, after all). And so she grabs her purse and goes running off over the hills all the way to Elizabeth’s house.

And when Mary finally gets there (possibly out of breath from all that running) Elizabeth comes out of the house. She knows that Mary is already carrying Someone very special inside her (the Holy Spirit is giving away everyone’s surprises in this story). So she hurries out, eager to greet Mary, and to meet Jesus.

Where in my life am I running out to meet Jesus? Or where do I rush eagerly to share the joy of my relationship with Jesus with others? “Nowhere” serves as a pretty efficient answer to both of these queries. That can’t be a good thing.

Mary, kindle a fervent joy in my too-complacent soul. Help me to be like Elizabeth, running to meet Jesus whenever He comes into my life.

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