Ah, what a theme that show had! I am humming it dramatically (there is no other way to hum it, really) as I shower this morning.

For some reason Dallas was one of the few prime time shows our family watched regularly — until, of course, we stopped watching television altogether when I was about eight. Sometimes, during a lull in the conversation, I will randomly ask: “Who shot J.R.?” This is usually sufficient to start the crowd edging away from me. But I am genuinely curious regarding this point. I don’t know the answer and have always wondered about it, though not to an extent that has ever cost me any sleep. (We stopped watching at the end of the season before this would have been revealed.) Of course, now so much time has passed that I would be none the wiser even if someone told me an answer: I don’t remember any of the characters anymore, aside from the Ewing brothers.

What a strange thing to allow to occupy space in one’s memory!

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