Not discouraged a bit

In a rare burst of real news, let me share with you here that while I was select­ed as a final­ist in the 2008–2009 Loft Men­tor Series com­pe­ti­tion, I was not ulti­mate­ly cho­sen as one of the twelve lucky win­ners. I sup­pose I could change my cards to read “Near­ly Emerg­ing Writer” but that seems unlike­ly to set a help­ful tone.

I was sur­prised at how pierc­ing­ly dis­ap­point­ed I was after I got the polite email from the pro­gram direc­tor, wish­ing me bet­ter luck next year. I had thought I was main­tain­ing a very upbeat, take-it-or-leave-it view of the out­come: it would be very nice, a tremen­dous oppor­tu­ni­ty, but my per­se­ver­ance as a writer would hard­ly depend on it. Indeed, the fact of my hav­ing been among the final­ists was — and remains — a tremen­dous boost to my writer­ly con­fi­dence. So now I keep writ­ing, hon­ing, prac­tic­ing my craft, and push my pen for­ward toward the future unseen.

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