Mental Records

A big shout out to a new voice in the blo­gos­phere! My old mate Bran­don Ter­rell has set up shop over at, and so far it is stel­lar stuff from top to bot­tom. Expect lots of reviews: Bran­don is an avid con­sumer of books, comics, movies and tele­vi­sion (as well as an up-and-com­ing author and film­mak­er), and loves to share his elo­quent­ly-read­able thoughts there­on (sort of like some of what we try to do here, except BT actu­al­ly has time for all this stuff, plus he knows what the hell he is talk­ing about). So check it out, sign up to fol­low Men­tal Records, and keep com­ing back for more savvy obser­va­tions on pop cul­ture and art (some­times they are the same thing!).

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