Well, how about that. Anoth­er six months, gone by with­out a peep. This is bad blogging.

But what would good blog­ging look like here? The fact that I am seri­ous­ly ask­ing this ques­tion, if only to myself (who else, after all, can I expect will read this?), makes me won­der if the answer is that this is not the place that good blog­ging is going to happen. 

This is not to say that I am a bad per­son (although I nev­er like to com­plete­ly rule that out, either). I just have fick­le ambi­tions when it comes to blog­ging, and I con­tin­u­al­ly stretch myself too thin. Rather than have one blog site, where I focus on mak­ing things with words that will delight me and (hope­ful­ly) some small coterie of read­ers, I attempt­ed to jug­gle as many as five sep­a­rate blogs (that’s right, five) as inde­pen­dent niche venues for half-imag­ined areas of my inter­ests. Not effec­tive, by any measure.

So what do I do? This is going to take some pondering.

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