Moving forward with McCutcheon

Meet McCutcheon.

Actually, you have likely already met McC in some form or another. He has been working out his kinks over at the now-defunct Stuck In My Head for some time now, reviewing books on Goodreads, posting short bits of writing on Scribd, spreading his name around the Internet, and generally getting a feel for how best to carry the TFE legacy forward.

And don’t worry: there is a lot of Beaner still in McC; it has just been tempered and (hopefully) improved by maturity and experience (not always the same thing). So while it is no longer “sass, sass, and more sass” around here, we certainly have our wits about us, and a glib pen in our hand. But we are also looking deeply (albeit also slowly) into questions and conundrums that Beaner would only have blustered around and thrown adjectives at. I won’t presume to make any promises about how successful these attempts at unpretentious thoughtfulness will be, but I can almost guarantee that they will be attempted. (Anything beyond that will still be pure gravy.)

So, welcome McCutcheon. And welcome back, Dear Readers, the The Floating Egg. Believe it or not, it still floats, the chickens are still watching you, and it’s still a bad idea to stick beans up your noses.

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