Moving forward with McCutcheon

Meet McCutcheon.

Actu­al­ly, you have like­ly already met McC in some form or anoth­er. He has been work­ing out his kinks over at the now-defunct Stuck In My Head for some time now, review­ing books on Goodreads, post­ing short bits of writ­ing on Scribd, spread­ing his name around the Inter­net, and gen­er­al­ly get­ting a feel for how best to car­ry the TFE lega­cy forward.

And don’t wor­ry: there is a lot of Bean­er still in McC; it has just been tem­pered and (hope­ful­ly) improved by matu­ri­ty and expe­ri­ence (not always the same thing). So while it is no longer “sass, sass, and more sass” around here, we cer­tain­ly have our wits about us, and a glib pen in our hand. But we are also look­ing deeply (albeit also slow­ly) into ques­tions and conun­drums that Bean­er would only have blus­tered around and thrown adjec­tives at. I won’t pre­sume to make any promis­es about how suc­cess­ful these attempts at unpre­ten­tious thought­ful­ness will be, but I can almost guar­an­tee that they will be attempt­ed. (Any­thing beyond that will still be pure gravy.)

So, wel­come McCutcheon. And wel­come back, Dear Read­ers, the The Float­ing Egg. Believe it or not, it still floats, the chick­ens are still watch­ing you, and it’s still a bad idea to stick beans up your noses.

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