My favorite things

In no particular order:

color: green, almost any shade, but especially deep dark hunter green.
food: lefse — a Norwegian delicacy, a sort of potato-based tortilla, served with butter and (brown) sugar
sound: pump-action shotgun: a color-coded plastic cylinder full of close-packed lead slamming into the chamber, ready for almost anything. Who wants to hit the streets?
book: The Lord of the Rings (like you really had to ask). Fifteen reads and counting.
song: “Glory Box” by Portishead
word: mellifluous
movie: Seven
technical term: palimpsest
position: First base in slow-pitch softball; by the end of high school I was nearly dominant there (in my own mind, at least). Oh wait, you didn’t mean…? You did? Now, that’s just dirty.
book not written by, or having anything to do with, J.R.R. Tolkien: The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.
session beer: right now, Caledonian Brewing’s 80/- (that’s pronounced “eighty-shilling” in case you were curious).
“serious” beer: Trois Pistoles from Quebec’s Unibroue.
mixed drink: Manhattan, made with Maker’s Mark, served up.
beer-dessert combination: a pint of Boddington’s and an all-butter chocolate chip cookie from Lund’s.
band/musical act: Nine Inch Nails.
scar: on the outside of my right calf, where I caught myself on a jagged rusty pipe while doing chores wearing shorts, back in my teens. I have barely worn shorts since, not because I want to hide the scar — it’s a pretty good one! — but as an excessive precaution against similar incidents.
hairstyle: none at all. I feel like like a balls-out hard-as-nails bad-ass with my head shaved, which is a very unfamiliar and exhilarating feeling for me, I assure you.
season: Fall, or possibly autumn.

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