Why not?

If I had to pick one facet of humor to limit myself to for the rest of my life, “random” would be unhesitating choice. The things in books, movies, and life that tickle my fancy most almost always the sort of things that beg the question, “Where did that come from?” Think of me as an ardent follower of the ‘funny because it doesn’t make sense’ school.

Yet this attitude is present throughout my daily life as well. My response to the question “Why” is almost always a reflexive “Why not?” I was thinking about this, questioning whether this was a glibness I was leaning too heavily on. But I don’t know. It may instead be my essential philosophy of life expressing itself. I don’t look for reason to do things; I need a reason not to do things.

Of course, if I truly lived by this philosophy, it would mean that I was dynamic, driven, my charismatic inertia needing to be constantly reined by social or logical constraints. If you know me, you know that this is far from the case. But it could be, if only I let the philosophy that guides my speech acts animate the rest of my life as well.

Isn’t that a troubling thought?

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