A Decade of Missed Movies

I have missed a lot of movies over the past decade. 

Of course, very few of us are able to get out to see every movie that looks inter­est­ing, but this is my blog, so we are, as usu­al, just talk­ing about me here. So just how many movies, you ask? Well, here’s a quick list of the two hun­dred twen­ty-two films released in the first decade of this mil­len­ni­um that I want­ed to get out and see, but did­n’t get to for one rea­son or anoth­er, and have still not found time or oppor­tu­ni­ty to view on home video.

Such a list is an inter­est­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty to infer some­thing about the list mak­er. I had hoped to present this list togeth­er with a some­what-detailed sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis, but the stats are still in the works (look for a fol­low-up post com­ing soon). Mean­while I invite you, Dear Read­er, to take a gan­der at the list and let us know in the com­ments what you think it says about me. Inquir­ing minds, after all, want to know.


  1. I think it says you have tastes much sim­i­lar to me and my bet­ter half… And, we have some of those movies on DVD, so if you ever feel the need to take a cou­ple hours away from writ­ing or chas­ing your chil­dren, we would be hap­py to pro­vide for your entertainment. : )

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