The Revelation of Agpotor, Chapter 14, Verses 27–32

27 And then there came into the tem­ple a giant goat, of a stature far above oth­er goats, and the goat was car­ry­ing a ham­mer. 28 And so I said unto the goat, “Goat, why­fore dost thou car­ry such a ham­mer?” And the goat looked him deep into my eyes, with an expres­sion like unto the expres­sion of a sage, or of a con­sti­pat­ed day-labor­er, and he spake unto me thus: 29 “I bear this ham­mer for it is a ham­mer of great weight, such as to be tire­some and unwieldy for any of you mor­tal two-legged men to bear or wield, 30 for though many of you be of no mean wit, yet none among you pos­sess strength enough to be the bear­er of such a ham­mer as this. And so it is giv­en to me to bear, though not to wield. 31 To anoth­er, it is writ­ten, shall the wield­ing of such a ham­mer be giv­en.” 32 And hav­ing spake thus unto me, the goat did turn and pass from the tem­ple, and out into the dark­ness that lay without.

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