A new beginning to an old favorite

Well, here I am again.

I have been ragging on the idea of blogs for the past couple of days, but that hasn’t taken the edge off my own desire for a viable forum for my own idle thoughts. The print version of The Floating Egg is not dead, but it is certainly in torpor right now, for a wide variety of reasons. So the alternative has long been apparent: an electronic version, which not only can be more lively and immediate, but also more flexible, free of many of the time constraints that forever defeat me, and reaching a wider audience than I have done in the past. And now I take the first steps to making this a reality.

This will be a multi-stage effort. This is a big first step, and we will see how successful even this small effort is for me as a writer. If I find I can really do this, then we will grow more ambitious. In the near future I hope to see this blog move to be an integral part of my new website, but I am happy to be blogging with Blogger right now.

So check back, spread the word, and I hope that there will much of both sass and substance to be found at this address before too very much longer…

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