Job Dreaming

How many times do peo­ple ask you what your “dream job” would be? I am not ready for that ques­tion. Most­ly I don’t know, and usu­al­ly the inkling I do have about the top­ic is not some­thing I wish to share with this or that par­tic­u­lar inter­locu­tor. But I have been doing a lot of pon­der­ing of late regard­ing a slight­ly more con­crete angle on this dog-eared con­ver­sa­tion piece.

What would my ide­al work­day look like?

Let me paint you a lit­tle word-pic­ture. I rise ear­ly, prob­a­bly with the morn­ing cho­rus just before dawn. I exer­cise (per­haps yoga?) for 30–45 min­utes, then make break­fast for my wife and myself. After that, wash, dress, and head off to work.
My office would be locat­ed in a tall build­ing in beau­ti­ful Down­town Min­neapo­lis. I don’t know what I do there, only that it has reg­u­lar hours, excel­lent ben­e­fits, and it pays me enough so that my fam­i­ly and I are able to live above the pover­ty line and pay all our bills on time. I prob­a­bly wear a suit most days, except per­haps on casu­al Fri­days, when I sport a com­fy polo in sum­mer, or a sexy sweater in the cool­er months.
After work, I stroll down Nicol­let Mall and catch hap­py hour at one of the swank (and now smoke-free!) water­ing-holes that crowd upon each oth­er there. I order a pint and spend a relax­ing yet focused hour with note­book and pen, let­ting my words take shape upon the page. Then I take the train and bus home, help my wife get sup­per ready, eat, and do the dish­es. After din­ner I spend time with my son, read to him, sing him to sleep, put him to bed, spend some time with my wife, read a bit in bed, and then off to sleep…

That is, for now, my ide­al work­day. What would yours be?

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  1. Why aren’t you work­ing at a bank down­town?? You may start out with the same hay­wire hours that retail has you work­ing, but a)you get paid more and, b)you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to move up to a high­er pay­ing, more con­sis­tent job. It’d be per­fect. Then you’d be a real bal­la and shot calla.

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