How Do I Live Without You?”

The most irri­tat­ing thing about hav­ing this song stuck in my head is not that I then end up with the gen­er­al expe­ri­ence of watch­ing the film Con-Air, which would be try­ing enough. It is that I can­not escape the knowl­edge that there were two record­ings in pop­u­lar cir­cu­la­tion at the time — per­formed by Trisha Year­wood and LeAnn Rimes — and I have no idea which is which. I could nev­er keep them straight at the time, and I cer­tain­ly can­not do so after the lapse of years. I know I should­n’t care, but I am me; I can’t help caring.

And I am becom­ing a hum­mer, which makes these lit­tle episodes more trou­bling than when it was mere­ly a silent afflic­tion of my mind.

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