Tears in my beer

I knew I was dangerously short of sleep when I broke down weeping while reading an article about Leinenkugel Brewing’s newest product, a 8.9% ABV India Pale Ale. As exciting as it is that this venerable middle-of-the-road brewery is venturing into some more adventurous and higher-quality territory, it hardly merited waterworks. When I was a…

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She’s My Cocaine

I am occasionally reminded more or less forcibly why I can never be a critic. I like things. I can be a fan, a gushy fan even. But I can’t quibble the way that seems to be the bread and butter of the critic. I can only enthuse. And now I must enthuse a bit.…

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"Barbara Allen"

The turkeys. The turkeys are gobbling something fierce this morning. Up in the narrow strip of woods between the urban highway I walk along and the upscale residential street at the top of the rise a surprising number of Meleagris gallopavo are evidently lurking bravely. The vigourous gobbles followed fast one upon the other; at…

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"Lips Of An Angel"

I am known to be — at least by myself — a particularly forgiving (or undiscerning) consumer of both music and movies. I have never, for example, walked out of a movie, either in the theatre or — perhaps more tellingly — in what might loosely be described as the ‘home viewing experience’ regardless of…

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"Gone To The Movies"

The final track on Semisonic’s 1998 release Feeling Strangely Fine is a superb conclusion to a superb album. And especially appropriate for a snowy day like today. It makes me want very badly to learn to play it on the guitar, and to start playing guitar again, period. I wonder if anything will come of…

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Main Theme from Wallace and Gromit

The prim yet manic meliorism of this most-British theme, the carvivalesque madcappery of it all, make this the perfect counterpoint to my workday, which contains none of the aforementioned qualities. I have been humming Julian Nott’s music for three solid days now.