Tears in my beer

I knew I was dangerously short of sleep when I broke down weeping while reading an article about Leinenkugel Brewing’s newest product, a 8.9% ABV India Pale Ale. As exciting as it is that this venerable middle-of-the-road brewery is venturing into some more adventurous and higher-quality territory, it hardly merited waterworks.

When I was a boy I would always sing the old (I believe Hank Williams) song that goes “There’s a tear in my beer, ’cause I’m crying for you, dear.” That was all I ever knew of the song — presumably there are a few more lyrics — but it held a significant place in my imagination for many years. My grandfather would sometime sing his own version when we were working together in his wood shop: “I’ve got tears in my ears, from lying on my back while I’m crying for you, dear.”

Today’s life lesson: Cry into your beer. Don’t cry about your beer.

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