only one more day until new Portishead!

It seems futile to attempt to parse this state­ment out any fur­ther. Such an exer­cise would only serve to high­light the inad­e­qua­cy of mere words to address the mag­ni­tude of this event: the first album of new mate­r­i­al from this group in eleven very long years.

Of course, it is hor­ri­bly like­ly that such antic­i­pa­tion will end in dis­ap­point­ment; what col­lec­tion of tracks, after all, can stand in the same room with their 1994 debut Dum­my, or even with the less stag­ger­ing but still aston­ish­ing Por­tishead (1997)? But no mat­ter the length against the odds of Third deliv­er­ing the same degree of excel­lence as its pre­de­ces­sors in the Por­tishead cat­a­logue, this is with­out rival the musi­cal event of the year.

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