Not afraid to ask

With the new calendar year we are going to try some new features here at The Floating Egg. For a long time now we have wanted to work up a few regular content -bearing points in the week to anchor the rest of my blathering, and this week we are delighted to announce the first of these to actually see the light of day.

We had thought of calling it “Things I could just as easily look up on Wikipedia or Google but figured it would be more amusing to make a display of my ignorance Tuesday” but that seemed a little too… too, and besides, Tuesdays really aren’t the best day for me. So instead, after endless committee meetings and market research, we are presenting to you Not Afraid To Ask Thursday.

It’s not a big deal. I will dig into the deep bag of things I just don’t know, mostly about popular culture but not exclusively so, and having selected an example of my ignorance, I will splash it up here.

This is where you, the reader, come in. After you have snorted coffee out your nose and called over your cubicle neighbor to point at the screen and laugh at me with you, all I ask is that you add something in the comments that will guide me toward enlightenment. You don’t have to dish it all out for me like pablum: I am just as happy, if not indeed more so, with wry/snide hints and clever circumlocutions. Links to Wikipedia will, of course, also be acceptable, but they will not bring me as much delight, so I think you should bear that fact in mind.

Let my ignorance be made manifest!

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