Why more cowbell?

Let me be perfectly clear: I have no problem accepting that there are certain situations which, without a doubt, require more cowbell.

I am however absolutely in the dark on certain points prefatory to this. To wit:

  • What on earth does this expression mean?
  • Who do we have to thank for this?
  • Which situations, precisely, call for more cowbell?
  • How is this additional cowbell delivered and/or administered?
  • When is more cowbell just too much cowbell?

Thank  you.

4 thoughts on “Why more cowbell?

  1. Let me be the first to offer my offer up cultural explanation. The phrase more cowbell comes from a Will Ferrell sketch on SNL about 10 years ago. The sketch takes place during a recording session for Blue Oyster Cult and features Christopher Walken as the producer and Ferrell as the band’s cowbell player. Ferrell, of course, plays cowbell off beat and in people’s faces and Walken, as the producer, keeps saying the song needs more cowbell. See video below. And, apparently, a Wikipedia.



  2. ‘I got a fever, and the only prescription is…..more cowbell!’

    Fun fact, when you type ‘more’ into google search, the first suggested search is ‘more cowbell’.

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