Arrr, ye lubbers!

Ahoy, mateys! You may have let it slip your mind, but National Talk Like A Pirate Day is upon us once again. Why exactly this is so is a mystery to me, but it is certainly not something I would ever dream of resisting. Of course, there is always someone responsible for such madness; for the details and sordid history check out the official site (no, really) with the elucidating headline “Because we’re guys, and because we can.” Really that captures it wholecloth, but do visit the site for the whole story; it is engagingly told and trés amusant (I think).

So avast me hearties, and Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

2 thoughts on “Arrr, ye lubbers!

  1. Be that a good “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!” or a bad “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!”? Just sos we knows…

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